Monday, July 22, 2024

About US

She ROCKS It is an organization that has been intentionally established to host events that pay tribute to and empower women on a global scale. Our primary objective is to provide a platform where women can unite, celebrate one another, establish professional connections, find inspiration, gain empowerment, receive motivation, and be encouraged to share their unique identities. She ROCKS It is an organization that actively supports and recognizes the achievements of women by utilizing our platform to showcase their accomplishments. We foster a commitment to lifelong learning by organizing educational events, promoting positive relationship-building among women through networking events, extending our support to nonprofit organizations that assist women in overcoming their past and rebuilding their future, and collaborating with other organizations and entrepreneurs to cultivate strong alliances and leverage our resources for mutual success.

She ROCKS It is fully dedicated to curating events that provide women with an unforgettable experience. Our events are meticulously designed with the modern woman in mind. We create experiences that empower women to live their best lives and proudly display their unique identities to the world. We extend an invitation to all women to join us for our diverse range of events held throughout the year, including networking events, workshops, empowering ladies’ nights, and community service initiatives. She ROCKS It is thrilled to have you explore our page, and we hope that the content you encounter will offer you a glimpse into the essence of SHE.

She ROCKS It encompasses various components, including the Celebrating Women Who ROCKS Annual Awards Gala, S.H.E Inc (a nonprofit organization), National I AM DAY, SRI Magazine, and The She Lounge Experience.

S.H.E Inc. a registered 501c3 organization known as Sisters Helping Each-Other, has been established with the explicit intention of assisting women in transcending their past and concentrating on reconstructing their future. Our primary objective is to offer mentorship, organize workshops, and generate volunteer prospects for women. Our primary focus is on women who are actively seeking self-discovery and are in pursuit of networking, educational, career, and community engagement opportunities that foster personal growth and enable them to realize their fullest potential.

“The empowered woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description “

Steve Maroboli

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