Monday, June 17, 2024

National I AM Day



We are overjoyed by the dedication and efforts put forth by our founder Joyce Dawkins to let the world join in as we affirm, I AM! Joyce is a firm believer in the power of Affirmations and has been on a mission to have I AM as a National Day. In 2023 we received our proclamation that I AM is now on the National Day Calendar and will be celebrated yearly! The foundation of She ROCKS It and S.H.E. Inc. has been built on I AM. Joyce believes that whatever follows your I AM is your truth. For several years on the 2nd Sunday in March, Joyce has hosted an annual I AM SHE Day in honor of women’s history. This day is set aside for women to come together and affirm I AM______.

I AM is a powerful way to begin a positive statement that can be used to describe where you desire to be in life or how you see yourself in the present tense. In recent years, sadness, depression, fear, and loneliness have had an impact on our mental health.  Speaking and thinking positive thoughts can bring peace and happiness into your life. When you say your I AM or write it down, you manifest it into your brain and your subconscious. This can program the subconscious mind into producing the desired outcome; I AM SUCCESSFUL, I AM HAPPY, I AM AT PEACE, I AM A SURVIVOR. Affirming I AM is a way to center your mind or achieve a desired goal, dream, or vision.