Monday, June 17, 2024
She Speaks

Normalize Shhhhh!

I’m often amazed at how God drops quotes, “My Soul Point of View” sayings in my spirit. The other day, I responded to a post on social media about telling your vision/plans to others too soon. As I responded, the spirit said, “End the reply with “YOUR SHHHHH, IS BETTER THAN YOUR SHOUT” Game changing Soul Point of View!

So, what are you saying, Joyce? What I’m saying is, when you are operating in what God has instructed you to do, when you are preparing your blue print, your draft, creating your agenda, preparing the plan or birthing an idea. You should remain silent until it’s manifested until everything is in place and ready! What I know to be true is that people watch, wait, and stay ready to grab hold of your idea, your agenda, and your plans. When you speak them prematurely, others will grab hold of it and birth it before you have the opportunity to. However, you can’t be mad! You gave them the gems and all they had to do was polish it up and present it as their own!

Let’s normalize shhhhhing/silence/stillness when it comes to the things we are working on, allow God to work. When you run and tell it, you are not allowing God to work! You just take the credit, run with it, and now you have the stress of making it happen on your own. Think about it, now that you have spoken to soon, you need to deliver! If you would’ve remained silent and allowed the process to take place in due season, your reveal would’ve been your reward and not your regret.

You ever notice those individuals that take to social media and say, I’m doing this, I’m doing that, I’m going here and I’m going there, have you ever seen it actually happen? Take a moment and think. No, they are doing it to make you think they have it going on. Most of the time, it’s talk! Honestly, if they operated in the shhhhh first, then showing and shouting later, their credibility would go up, and people would truly follow, support, and like what they do. Don’t get caught up in the shout you hear from others. It can drown out what God wants you to hear.

As you work in your purpose, practice being patient and operating in silence. Although we live in this microwave era, where we want things quick fast and in a hurry, don’t be so quick to tell it all, and you haven’t even finished developing it. It’s an idea for a reason. It’s a dream, a vision for a reason, the reason is, it’s going to require work! So, while you are working on it, be careful not to leak it out. Your leak will be someone else’s ladder up!

Just remember your shhhhh is better than your shout! Know when to shhhh and when to shout, it’s a game changer when you know how to do both! That’s My Soul Point of View!