Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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The 92 Day Challenge

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She’s Up for the Challenge

Can you believe it’s October already? We literally have 3 months left in 2020! I honestly don’t know where the time has gone. As I reflect over everything that has happened in the past nine months I am saying to myself these next 3 months will be the best days yet. That is truly what I believe and I am a firm believer that how you think is everything. My next days will be better than my past days. I see dreams coming true! I see goals being accomplished! I see opportunities at the door! I see financial breakthroughs! I have honestly seen more success in 2020 in spite of what is going on we are still thriving forward. Don’t give up just yet, you still have 3 more months to make it happen! Are you up for the challenge?

This 92 day challenge is not a contest, it’s more of a persoulnal commitment to yourself to make the next 92 days, the next 3 months, the last 3 months of this year your best days yet. I know you may be thinking okay 2020 be done already but that’s really not the attitude you want to take on. I challenge you to change the way you think as it relates to this year. Think about what you can accomplish in this short amount of time. So to help you out, I came up with this challenge for the last 3 months of this year.

All you need for this challenge is:

  • A persoulnal commitment to yourself
  • Affirm… I AM up for the challenge
  • A journal and pen
  • A positive mindset and belief that you can achieve everything you set out to do over these next 3 months.

Here is your challenge for the last 3 months of 2020….


Think about what you wanted to accomplish when you rang in the new year, pre-covid-19 and pre-closure of the world. What was it that you had on your agenda that you didn’t get a opportunity to do? Revisit those plans and reinvent how you can make that happen. If you had plans to travel, maybe you can’t take that flight but you can book a room and do a stay-cation before the year is over. Maybe you wanted to have a party and celebrate a special occasion, well plan the party and zoom it up, or have a intimate gathering within social guideline limits and celebrate that big win. The point is don’t allow the past to jeopardize what you planned, just look at it from the different perspective and plan accordingly. We waste valuable time complaining about what 2020 has thrown our way, there is nothing we can do about it so why not just make the best of it. The month of October should be about finishing what you started and celebrating every win you have had this year, regardless of the losses and trust I have had major loss, but I also have had some awesome wins! I challenge you to pull out that journal and write, I am up for the challenge and I will work on the things I started before the world surprised us all, or say I can create a new idea inspired by what 2020 has thrown my way.


Give thanks, be thankful, think on what 2020 has taught you and journal what lessons you have learned. As we enter this 11th month of the year, you still have time to make it happen! But, it’s not going to happen if you sit in sorrow and frown in frustration. I challenge you to Push Past the Pandemic and be thankful for everything that you have been blessed with this year. November is the month of Thanksgiving. This will be my first Thanksgiving that my father will not prepare he famous feast. This will be the first Thanksgiving that he will not be with me in the physical form, and this will be the first time ever that I will not walk through the doors of my family childhood home. But guess what, I have been gifted with his skills of cooking, I have been blessed with a years of fond memories so rather than be sad, which I know it may be emotional however I will cook in his memory and be thankful for the life and legacy that he has left. Even in the midst of what the past 9 months gave me, I have had major wins in my life; I released a book as a co-author (win), I am now a best selling author (win), I am receiving a prestigious award (win), I am in a documentary coming out in these last 3 months of this year (win), I am employed (win), I have a successful organization (win), see I had loss however I had major wins also, even though there is no comparison whatsoever it’s all in how you choose to allow situation to impact your life. I challenge you be thankful this month and celebrate your wins! If you had loss in any form, don’t allow that to stop you from moving forward, rather let it be the push you need to pull you through. Write in your journal I AM up for the Challenge!


Welcome December! The 12th month of the year! The month that takes us out of 2020! The month that is listed last, but I believe that the last can be the first! So let December be the first month of a new beginning for you as you move forward to 2021! Let December be the month that you give your self permission to be free to do whatever you want to do to make your Soul Satisfied! Let December be the first time you say no to others and yes to yourself! Let December be the month that sets the tone for your coming months! Chose to eliminate anything that you feel will hinder and block you from moving forward in 2021. This is the holiday season and it’s difficult for many, but I challenge you to remember the good times, laugh, smile, give and be grateful. Make December a month to remember, don’t allow yourself to go into a new month, a new year and miss out on new opportunities because you are carrying the disappointments, the anger, the sadness, the losses, the failure on your shoulder. I challenge you to reach out and connect with someone if you are having difficulties, I challenge you to get the help you need if needed, I challenge you to do whatever it takes for you to be happy and for your Soul to be Satisfied. I challenge you to write down your desires for 2021. I challenge your to believe in what you write down and have faith you will receive it. I challenge you to say I AM a survivor, I AM a overcomer, I AM a winner and I AM up for the challenge!

I encourage you to take this PerSOULnal challenge for yourself. Journal something for each remaining month of this year. Focus on right now! Complete what you started and celebrate every win no matter how big or small, heck buy a lottery ticket you never know! The point is you need to live your best life and choose to push past this pandemic, there is a brighter day ahead!

That’s My Soul Point of View