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Change is Necessary in Becoming who SHE is

My Soul Point of View a PerSOULnal Perspective

A few days ago I watched this Netflix Movie called Juanita. It’s a flim about a single mother with 3 adult children who all live with her, a woman who fantasizes about having a man, a woman who works a job she doesn’t love and a woman who is fed up with her life. In the film she basically realizes that her life revolves more around doing for others and not herself. She decides to just up and leave with no plan and no set destination. She just wanted a fresh start so she buys a one way bus ticket and takes off.

When I watched the movie I was watching and listening on purpose. My purpose was to see how she handled her situations and to listen for gems that would help other women in similar situations as hers.

So what did Juanita have to do to prepare herself for this journey to becoming who she is and finding happiness and purpose in her life?

1. She acknowledged that she was catering to everyone and she wasn’t getting anything in return.

2. She acknowledged that she wasn’t happy in her current situations (as a mother, employee, and in relationships).

3. She acknowledged that she was being taken advantage of.

4. She acknowledged that she allowed these things to happen and needed to take control of her life.

5. She acknowledged she wasn’t living her best life.

How does acknowledgement aid in becoming who you are Purposely designed to be?

1. Acknowledgement allows you to be honest, upfront and truthful with yourself. You have nothing to prove to others only yourself. If you can’t acknowledge what is hindering you, blocking you and stopping you, then you will not be able to move beyond your current situation.

2. Acknowledging that you are part of the problem is how you create a solution. People do what we allow them to do to us, we even do things to our own self that prevents us from moving forward. We allow people to take advantage of our time, talent and treasures, all things needed to move forward. We allow ourselves to have negative thoughts and beliefs, we are even afraid to leap in fear of where we will land.

3. Acknowledge that you are not happy. That simple. I AM NOT HAPPY WITH WHERE I AM IN LIFE! Okay, so what are you going to do about it? Take action now! Talk about it and do something about!

4. Acknowledge that you need to forgive yourself. Then forgive yourself so you can begin the process of healing. We will hold on to guilt so long that it takes over mentally, physically and spiritually. We have the guilt of not taking that leap least year, the guilt of not finishing what we started, the guilt of telling others no, the guilt of not being available to others. It’s time to let it go and forgive yourself so you can begin your journey to becoming.

5. Acknowledge that the time is now! Now is the time to live your best life! Now is the time to finish what you started! Now is the time to take that leap! Now is the time to make yourself the number one priority in your life!

I firmly believe acknowledging where you are in life and how you got there is a huge step in making the necessary changes needed to become who she is Purposely Designed to Be.

Juanita had so many thought provoking gems in the film. One of our favorite lines was when Juanita is asked why did she basically get on the bus to travel to the unknown, she replied “If I had stayed I would’ve ended up hating the people I loved”

That’s so powerful. Sometimes we have to put ourselves first, period! The sacrifices we make usually involve someone else’s happiness but What about your happiness? Juanita left, said I’m gone, I don’t know how long it will be when I will return, and tells her kids you all will be fine!

Juanita went on a journey to Becoming and living her life on her own terms no permission required! It’s time many of us take this same attitude and make ourselves a priority.

That’s My Soul Point of View! Jdawkins

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