Monday, April 22, 2024
She Speaks

The Sound of Silence

Shhh, Can You Hear That?

I’m sitting here alone, no music, no television, no phone calls or texting going on, there is some faint noise outside but with the windows closed I can’t really hear what’s going on.  It’s quite and silent in my home but there is a loud sound I hear in my head, no, I’m not crazy!  The sound is my thoughts running wild about things I can possibly do.  I am a creative.  I love planning things, creating things and writing.  So rather than let these thoughts go to waste I picked up my phone, went into my writing blog and began to write this blog here, The Sound of Silence.

I realized I had been sitting here in this one spot for about a hour and a few minutes.  I had over 20 ideas run through my head.  I wanted to just have some quiet me time.  These past few weeks have been the toughest of my life.  Burying a parent is a unimaginable experience.  I wanted to catch up with my breathing, lol!  Yes, catch up.  I have been so busy since my father passed I don’t think I had a opportunity to exhale!  WHEW!  Yes, I needed that! 

Let me ask you, When was the last time you were able to inhale and exhale without interruptions?

For me, catching my breath by inhaling and exhaling turns on a light bulb.  My creative juice begins to flow.  While some may think this really isn’t relaxing or catching up on my breath for me it is.  Peace, quiet and no distractions are the perfect time for God to speak to me and show me blueprints of the things I can do.  I use this time to hear clearly and plan accordingly. 

Let me ask you, When do you have time or make time to hear the sounds in your silent moments?

As I sit here in silence I hear the sound of ideas; Titles to books, articles, events, movements and blogs.  I hear them over and over, so at this point I new I needed to act on it and grab a pen and begin to jot things down. Did you know your best ideas come when your in silence and in touch with your inner thoughts?  Did you know that most people will miss their opportunity to become because they didn’t listen to the sounds in their silence?  Well it’s true.  You are probably reading this right now saying OMG this is so me.  If it is you then act on it!  Don’t miss what God is trying to show you because you are ignoring the sound. 

Let me ask you, Do you know what your sounds in silence are telling you?

Many times we mistakenly hear rumbling in our head, so many thoughts going on you can’t understand them so you brush it off as a headache, to much noise, distractions and frustrations. Let me share with you how I tap into my silence and hear clearly the sounds that come from within.


Find a quiet place where you can escape from distractions. Allow yourself to have at least 10-15 minutes to sit alone so that your sounds have clarity. We can’t hear our inner voice speak if we have to constantly shout above the noise and chatter of the outside world. Sit somewhere quiet with no distractions and try empty your mind of all thoughts. Don’t think about what happened today, what you are wearing tomorrow or what you need to cook for dinner. Try thinking about nothing at all. If you need some help concentrating try lighting a candle, playing soft low instrumental music or even sitting in a low light area. Last, be comfortable! You can’t meditate all tight and stuffy, your mind will shift to your feelings and not your thoughts.


Have you ever had a great idea and forgot it? You ever have a great title to your book and forgot it? Do you ever hear someone’s idea, or see their business and say, man, I was thinking if doing the same thing but you didn’t? Well, the sounds you hear in silence requires you to be prepared. Be prepared to write down exactly what comes in your mind, have pen and paper ready! Be prepared to do the work to accomplish whatever goal you desire to achieve. Be prepared to do the work! Be prepared for the journey! The sounds of silence requires you to be ready, be set so you can go!


How often do you hear the sounds in your silent moments but you immediately discount them and say, no I can’t do that or she already does that? How often do you allow self sabotage to stop you from moving towards your dreams? Our thoughts can either help or hinder us from taking that leap of Faith because we just don’t believe enough in ourselves to move! Stay positive in the process of listening to your sounds in silence. Go into the process with the belief that you will hear clearly what steps you need to take to accomplish your dreams. We can be the worst thing that can happen on our journey to becoming because we simply don’t listen on purpose! When you are listening on purpose you are seeking to hear and have clarity, so do yourself a favor don’t interfere with the sounds let them play out loud!

There are so many gifted people in the world but many never experience the fruits of their gifts m, they let them rot, dry up and fade away. I challenge you to listen to the sounds in your silence and get to work! You will be surprised at what you can accomplish.

That’s My Soul Point of View and My PerSOULnal Perspective.